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If you're a winter warrior the Manera Blizzard jacket is a must have item for those chilly sessions. Worn over your wetsuit and harness the Blizzard stops the cold chill penetrating the neoprene and holds in warm heat. Top Manera quality as per usual, a winter kiters must have item.

Winter is all about strong wind & colds days, this is exactly what the Blizzard jacket is made for. This 3 layer jacket is light, waterproof & windproof. The two side-pockets let the spreaderbar go through to be used when Kiting.

Warning: Do not wear this jacket in surf conditions, it might compromise your movements in case of wipeout in the waves.

The Blizzard jacket creates a cocoon around the Kiter that allows a far better resistance to cold even with a standard wetsuit. Whether you are on the water or debriefing the session on the beach, the Blizzard will keep you warm & comfy.

Like a wetsuit, it is important to take care of it: Rinse it with fresh water after each session, keep it stored on a hanger.