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If you want the absolute best then definitely treat yourself to a CARVED CUSTOMS TANTRUM. This board has an unrivalled amount of pop and feel due to it's full carbon construction. The TANTRUM is a work of art which performs amazingly well in every condition. For guys that want to unhook and go big look no further than the TANTRUM, it's worth every penny. 

The Tantrum is 100% customisable, this checkout price allows you to choose your board size, stance width and sticker colours. If you need help with configuring your perfect board we can help you create the perfect beast.

Experience Carved Customs’ latest handcrafted, carbon fiber masterpiece. A work of art and function that blends the finest carbon fiber - Cartan Carbon - and the latest Unibody design into an ultralight, bulletproof wakestyle monster.

The distinctive Elliptic Flex Tips, 60° biaxial Cartan carbon fiber, hard wake rails, and the strong yet flexible Paulownia wood core releases massive potential energy for intoxicating pops and picture perfect landings (hopefully!). The double concave, deep vee hull and wider Elliptic Flex Tips reveal its true intentions: Insane edging. Maximum loading. And controlled landings when things go a little wrong. The vee also cuts through chop, makes going upwind easy, and corners like crazy.

The Tantrum 6 is available with two fin choices. If you don’t like anything getting in your way, the 0.6-inch G10 wake fins are likely your first choice. At 1.52cm, you may even choose to leave them on for your next slide. A little bigger at 2.29cm, the Razor 0.9 inch fin set bites when you need it most and yet gives you the freedom to try just about anything.

GO. BIG.- The new Tantrum won’t let you down. Pun intended. The new keel and harder edges hold better when tensioning the lines. And Cartan Carbon’s unique 60-degree weave structure maximizes pop by channeling flex longitudinally along the length of the board. Every minute board detail is engineered to maximize your wakestyle experience. Tantrum. 100% wakestyle.

CARTAN- The wood core is encapsulated with our proprietary, tight weave, low resin, 30° biaxial carbon fiber weave that optimizes board torsion and dynamic longitudinal flex.

HYDRODYNAMIC PERFECTION- One look at the hull reveals its true intentions: Insane edging. Maximum loading. And controlled landings when things go a little wrong. Raise your game with the new Tantrum.

SIGNATURE FLEX- The signature Elliptic Flex Tips channel forces to the fins and edges when warranted and absorbs the rest. For more pop and comfort. Just like the Imperator, the new Tantrum’s Ellipse has been opened up towards the center of the board.

FLEX TIP- When it comes explosive pop, the Tantrum is far ahead of the pack. The power generated by the Ellipse tips is undeniable and grin inducing.

MONO CONCAVE TIPS- The double concave hull between the straps transitions to a mono concave on each tip. It might be harder for us to build but it’s worth the effort in the end.

CENTRE KEEL- The first thing you will notice is the new and distinctive hard keel that runs almost the full length of the Tantrum. Its purpose is to cut through chop and deliver an unmatched level comfort with or without fins in any conditions.

DOUBLE CONCAVE- Concaves straddle the hard keel and generate additional grip especially when loading the edge. And who doesn’t enjoy the adrenalin rush in anticipation of a perfect launch?

WAKE RAIL- The Tantrum’s hand shaped and finished rail is sharper than the Imperator’s to give it more bite when loading up.

No one prefers a heavy wakestyle board. Carved Customs’ proprietary carbon and layup process minimize resin usage creating a lightweight and durable dynamo.

OUTLINE- A little wider in the tips. And a little longer in outline

ROCKER- Ample rocker for smooth landings. With more rocker in the middle and less towards the tips, the new Tantrum will have you sticking every landing.

UV GUARD- Two additives are used for maximum UV protection. The surface and resin have special UV blocking additives to double the protection on your investment.

HANDMADE- Manufactured by master craftsmen since 2001. Craftsman that put their heart and soul into each board. Visit Fehmarn and you will likely meet your board builder on a shiny black board at a local beach. You see, they don't just build masterpieces, they live the kiter’s dream.

BUILDING SINCE 2001- Carved Customs has been building custom boards for over 20 years. Quick to see the potential of kiting in the 90’s, he introduced the first Imperator in 2001. And the rest is history.

STRICT QUALITY CONTROL- No board leaves this German island without a nod from its master craftsmen.

PRECISION. CRAFTSMANSHIP- Under the exclusive Cartan carbon fiber, you will find a heart of solid, CNC milled, Paulownia wood. Known by boat builders as the finest nautical wood available, it resists decay and has superb flex characteristics.


NATURALLY POWERFUL- Carved uses only the finest hand selected, marine grade, Paulownia wood. It’s long fibers and a unique directional adhesive application give the wood core its strength, reflexivity, and dynamic pop.