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The legendary F-One Bandit has been a firm favourite for the casual weekend warrior to the leading world champion riders for many year-end is now back with a focus on freeride, big air riding. The Bandit possesses killer style along with amazing bar feedback which gives you a real feel good felling when on the water which is exactly what you want from your new toys. If your new to the sport and want a kite that will push your progression or a seasoned rider that wants a kite that can perform in all conditions then look no further than the F-One Bandit.

2021 marks F-Ones's second year splitting the BANDIT into two distinct lines to allow for more versatility, depending on your riding style. While key features remain consistent, the team are proud to have once again further developed, through troubled times, the BANDIT. A quality kite which you deserve to have on the water.

The BANDIT 2021 is extremely pleasing to fly whilst having a sporty feeling. Its behaviour is direct and reactive as well as stable, smooth and homogenous.
Its power is totally controllable and the kite is not physical to handle. Whether you want to park it and ride freely for hours or send it throwing some big kiteloops, the BANDIT will deliver.

This year’s BANDIT exceeds expectations in terms of shape control. You will not be bothered by unwanted movements coming from the kite. F-One have developed a new panel layout and the new trailing edge reinforcement allowed to them to get a super sleek profile. This resulted in stability in flight never reached before, providing full confidence and unmatched performance. The work done on the skin tension in the canopy makes the balance between stability and manoeuvrability perfectly even.

Going upwind has never been so comfortable. This year R&D have worked on reducing the drag, and creating positive forward momentum allowing you to stay even longer on the water.


The BANDIT 2021 is very light to fly yet has a feedback incredibly direct.  The kite consistently reacts to your demand, and you always know where it sits in the window. The turning of the BANDIT is quick and precise and remains totally controllable when depowered.

The jumping potential of this year’s model is absolutely insane. Offering explosive vertical lift the kite has plenty of float to chuck in some boards off or old school moves. Loops are fast and you will always find the line tension and pull you’re looking for.  Just pull on the bar and the BANDIT 2021 will generate power, fantastic kiteloops sensations and super smooth landings with no stalling.

The kite’s conception is exceptionally technical and the result whilst riding is impressive. We have reached new levels of stability making riding comfortable and safe no matter the conditions. The F-One team have managed to get a way more improved experience from low to high wind range with each size of the range. It crosses over to disciplines like foiling and even wave riding super well.

After spending countless hours testing and developing prototypes, F-One are proud to release the new and improved 2021 BANDIT. Whether you are looking to send it, freeride for hours, or explore the waves, this kite will exceed all expectations.


- Outstanding upwind efficiency

- Optimised bar pressure. Concise and effortless response from the kite

- Exceptional wind range. The new BANDIT performs remarkably in both low and high winds

- Reduced lateral pull. Takes the quest for a ride without drag to new levels

- Power and generous lift for massive kiteloops and big air boosts

- Remarkable stability for an enjoyable and safe ride, even in the toughest conditions