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After a year of research & testing, the ultimate weapon to improve your strapless & SUP level is now OUT! Being not sticky enough and not working on pads, we found that standard Surf wax was not designed for either SUP or Kitesurf because when you paddle on a regular surf you can't have a wax that is too sticky against your body. One thing that SUPer or kitesurfer don't care about. So we developed the MANERA "Magic Wax" especially for strapless kiteboarding & SUP use.

Here is why the Manera Magic Wax makes the difference:

  • Extremely sticky
  • Works on pads
  • Doesn't melt in the sun
  • 100% natural ingredients - non toxic
  • Our wax is handcrafted with love in Biarritz, France
  • Don’t be afraid of strapless moves or radical SUP re-entries anymore!


  • Apply first the Magic Base coat (even on pads), and then the Ultra sticky layer
  • Always apply on a dry board & pad