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All New. All Powerful.


The all-new Fusion 5 LWs may share the same name as their smaller siblings, but they share little else. CORE have learned you simply can't upsize the smaller Fusions. Sit them side by side, and you'll see significant differences between them. That's because they tune their LW's specifically for lighter wind conditions.

CORE's 5th generation LWs feature new construction, rails, outline, and hulls. But they still retain the same Cartan carbon that makes these super-light 3kg boards come alive. The most visible difference between their smaller siblings is the unique displacement hump in the middle of the deep vee. They've also added a grab rail for the freestylers and improved the channels, edges, and outline for the freeriders.

Fusion 5 LW. Lightwind mission-ready.


A fantastic Fusion5 LW, standard grab handle, G10 Cutback Fins (48mm), and V4A fin screws.



CARTAN® CARBON: CORE's proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber weave optimizes torsional and longitudinal flex for a unique riding experience.

New! NIBODY EDGE: Improved connection between top and bottom.

New! LIGHTER 3D WOOD CORE: Even lighter, CNC’d marine-grade Paulownia New Multi-Channels: Unbelievable grip and upwind tracking.

New! KATANA CHANNELS: Improved tip response.

New! BEVELED DECK: Improved deck stiffness.

New! TUCKED UNDER RAILS: Improved performance in chop.

VARIO RAILS: Variable rail thickness for better control.

LW ROCKER: Tuned for lighter winds.

LW TUNED V-SHAPE KEEL: Sub-planing drag-reducing design.