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Floaty jumps and unrivalled low end pull mean the GTS6 LW is a GenXsports favourite when it comes to those light wind days. Perfect for practising your new moves for the windier days, the ultra light LW series seem to fly in the lightest of breezes giving you more time on the water. Don't be fooled though the GTS6 is a serious piece of kit constructed with CORE's legendary build quality and top quality materials give the kite a direct no nonsense feel making every session exciting.


There’s no better time to practice new tricks than in lighter winds where the GTS6 LW shines big time. And if the wind never picks up for your smaller GTS6, you still had a blast on your LW.

What’s new?

Lots! The 6th generation features new ExoTex® Light leading edge, struts, and dacron re-enforcements that reduce frame weight and improve strut stability. The kite receives all-new graphics, improved paneling, and CIT Modes get no-snag loops. But don’t worry, it carries over the proven 3 strut design from its smaller siblings to retain its agile, freestyle character.

GTS6 LW. Invest in the best wind insurance money can buy.


The GTS6 LW comes with a high-end backpack, manual, repair kit, and three-meter line extensions.


LW 15.0 | LW 17.0


NEW: EXOTEX® LIGHT ULTRA RIGID DACRON: Zero-stretch, durable airframe.

ULTRALIGHT WINGTIPS: Weight saving, reduced Dacron, wingtips.

CIT MODES: Fully adjustable kite handling characteristics.

CORETEX® LIGHT: Durable. UV protected. And a little lighter.

ULTRASHORT BRIDLE SYSTEM: Improved kite feedback.

INSTANT RELAUNCH: Reliable waterstarts under challenging conditions.

SPEED VALVE 2: Quick, reduced effort inflation.

SENSOR BAR READY: Pair with a Sensor 3 or 2S PRO bar for maximum kite feedback and control.

6 YEAR PARTS GUARANTEE: Six-year parts availability guarantee.