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CORE BOLT 4 the wakestyle weapon 

The CORE BOLT 4 is a boot specific board designed for both kiting and park riding. If you're into spending your weekdays on the open water then weekends at the cable the BOLT 4 is the board for you. You can attack any obstacle with confidence knowing that the grindbase is strong enough and repairable with any PTEX candle meaning you can maintain your BOLT 4 after every session. The new designed base has increased explosive pop as well as softening big landings. If your into wakestyle riding and want a high performance board checkout the BOLT 4.

Heart Attacks, Slim Chances, and Krypts are your thing. You know ‘em all, and love adding new ones to your repertoire. You see opportunity when others see tricky shoreline elements. You ride the Bolt 4.

What’s new? The Bolt 4 debuts unique top and bottom rails that improve riding comfort and performance. We beveled the top deck between the footpads by approximately 2mm in thickness, and the edge receives a new 60/40 tucked-under rail between the pads that transitions into a flat box rail at the tips. New Katana channels are tip contours that better store and release energy you generate loading the edge.

Four layers of our proprietary carbon fiber – Cartan – prevents reverse flex and makes this board the toughest, most durable board we offer. Its easy-fix Grindbase and bombproof inserts are rail ready. So, enjoy nature’s wonders and ride whatever you want. This pro wakestyle board is built to last.


136x42 | 139x42.5 | 142x42.75


Bolt 4, 2x G10 Pro fin sets (42mm and 28mm), V4A screws (to attach fins), and Pro Fix repair kit.


DOUBLED UP CARTAN® CARBON: Four layers of our proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fibre that optimises board torsion and dynamic longitudinal flex.

3D WOOD CORE: Powered by a superlight CNC milled Paulownia wood core.

New! KATANA CHANNELS: More bite. Better pop.

New! BEVELED RAIL DESIGN: Less weight. Added stiffness.

TUCKED UNDER RAIL: More comfort. More grip.

VARIO RAILS: Precise flex with progressive edge thicknesses.

MULTI-CHANNELS: Superior grip and speed with deep, full-length channels.

V-SHAPED KEEL: Amazingly smooth ride even in nasty chop. And butter soft landings.

PRO ROCKER: Custom board flex and curvature.

PRO FIX GRINDBASE: Fix bottom scratches with any PTEX candle.

RAIL READY: Built to slide over virtually anything.

BOOT TOUGH INSERTS: Heavily reinforced, plywood block boot inserts.

 28 + 48MM G10 FINS: Two sets of fins come standard. Loose or Grippy. Your choice.