So knowing that we had some big winds arriving over the weekend we decided to test the all new XR6 8m kite. We went into the test without doing any tech research so we could have an impartial opinion on the kite straight out of the bag. Having used the XR5 kites for the past two seasons and it being CORE's best selling kite i was a little sceptical how it was going to be any better but knowing CORE's policy on only changing kit if an improvement has been made, i was open minded. To do a full comparison we also used an 8m XR5 to do an immediate comparison.


Conditions on the morning were a gusty 30+ knots with rain and massive swell, not the greatest but perfect to see how the new XR6 would handle it. Immediately from launching i couldn't believe how smooth this kite is, the bar pressure is perfect with a constant but not aggressive feel through the bar. There is literally no slack in the line tension at any time which means you can feel where the kite is and it makes the kite much faster turning than the XR5. Even in the gusty conditions the canopy just sucked it up and smoothed it out without dragging you about or over the front of the board. After settling in it was time to let loose and see if this kite is any better at boosting than the XR5. The swell was perfect and setup some great kickers which meant it was just a case of steering, sheeting in and taking off. This kite boosts massive and with so much ease, due to the improvements i mentioned earlier. The XR6 is going to smash this years big air records so don't be surprised to see the WOO leader board littered with riders using the XR6 throughout the next few seasons. Once again as with all the CORE products the build quality is elite, even down to the bag everything looks and feels the best.

 Now i know this is only a big air review of the kite but thats exactly what the XR6 is designed to do, massive air and free ride riders are going to love this kite. For people that wave ride, get the Section, kiteloop loons should go for the GTS and for jack of all trades lean towards the Nexus. For me, at least one XR6 has to be in your quiver for the 30+knot days so you can get the bragging rights in the bar after a big air session. So to summarise the XR6 is a different beast to its older brothers so if your thinking of upgrading your XR5's don't worry you will be getting an improved model but that's not to say the 5's are redundant now, they've just muscled up a tad. We will be doing a full video review of the XR6 in different conditions and sizes over the next few weeks so keep an eye on our social media and website page for updates.

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June 09, 2019 by Clean Themes Collaborator