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The HALO is a new innovative design from Manera. The HALO is slim line, secure and extremely flexible. Now in its second generation the HALO has become a favourite for free ride and surf style riders.

It all started from an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of current harness technologies, regarding in particular the softshell (the classic flexible harness) and the hardshell (the rigid shell harness):

THE SOFTSHELL - The softshell provides perfect adaptability to the user's body type and movements.
But it becomes distorted under the pressure of the kite: The user's sides are compressed.
It therefore has good adaptability, but little hold.

THE HARDSHELL - The hardshell does not become distorted under the pressure of the kite. The user's sides are not compressed. But it has no adaptability to the user's body type and movements. It therefore has a very good hold, but little adaptability. By separating the functions of "effort management" and "comfort", we have created a harness that adapts perfectly to your body type and your movements, while offering unparalleled support.

ADAPTIVE SHELL - Manera's Research and Development approach is to create the best possible product, so they have sought to use the advantages of the two current technologies while eliminating their faults. This is how the “Adaptive Shell” was born. This patented technology is made up of two main parts: The Adaptive skin and the Hardshell.

ADAPTIVE SKIN - The Adaptive skin is a support skin made of a flexible material providing the user maximum adaptability and freedom of movement. It is directly in contact with the body, its function is to provide comfort.

Hardshell - The Hardshell is a rigid arc; it prevents the harness from bending and thus compressing the user's body under the strong pressure of the kite. It is not in contact with the user nor with the back of the Adaptive skin; its function is to manage the mechanical pressure that the harness receives.

DURABILITY - A product is as durable as the least durable part of its components.

The different components of a harness are often non-replaceable (sewn straps, glued foams, etc.) and certainly not recyclable. Therefore, sometimes a worn or damaged part forces you to throw away the entire product.

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and in order to provide better customer service, all HALO components are assembled without glue or seams so that each part is easily replaceable.

We stock spare parts and are able to replace each of them. The ARC spreaderbar, the sliding rope, and the kitenife are included with purchase.

DIRECT CONTACT - Thanks to our Adaptive shell technology, and in particular the very adaptable Skin part, there is no longer a need to use large, thick foam for comfort. The HALO's ultra-thin neoprene foam provides several advantages over a conventional harness:

- A more direct feeling
- Less bulky contact
- Lighter, even when in the water

FITTING - In order to optimize the customer experience, we have added two sizes: S+ and M+. These two new sizes are in fact the standard S and M harnesses equipped with longer spreaderbars.


Bodies may assume different shapes:
. A more rounded shape (someone with a big belly)
. A more oval shape (someone with wide hips).

For the same waist size, we therefore have two completely different body types. By incorporating longer spreaderbars, sizes S+ and M+ are more suitable for people with wider hips.

ARC SPREADER BAR - The ARC is a new generation spreaderbar developed to offer a more precise, comfortable navigation experience, with a harness that is better held in place.