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The FREE series is perfect for wave or freeride riders. The shorter length makes it easy for those guys that want to unhook while riding big waves or stay out of the way for freeriders who don't want to unhook. Unmatched quality and function make the RipRope leashes the best on the market which are used by the best riders in the world.


The FREE Leash comes with a dyneema loop as a harness attachment. This fits through all common harness rings.

Inside, the FREE consists of a rubber assembly, which is covered by a colored polyamide belt. Polyamide is perfect for this because it is very hard-wearing, water-resistant and elastic.

The internal rubber gathers the leash to a handy length. The carabiner is encased by the neoprene sleeve as standard, making it difficult for the leash to get caught up.

The spring is a medium-hard trigger. Hard enough to avoid accidental release, but also soft enough to easily detach from the kite in any situation.