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DEEP C SHAPE- The deep c profile promotes massive pop and extreme line slack helping you to land the most difficult tricks. The canopy has a slightly more higher aspect ratio from its predecessor which allows for a wider wind range and faster turning speed.

CLASSIC C TIPS- Square tips, direct connection mean you get the ultimate c-shape feel and flying characteristics.

EXOTEX ULTRA RIGID DACRON- The best kite material on the market due to its extreme strength, air flow and lightness. EXOTEX DACRON is the one of the reasons  the CORE kites are ultra lightweight, stable and fast.

5 LINE SETUP- Another change from the original is a deeper position with the V on the 5th line. This makes the IMPACT more stable and has a lot more of a constant power delivery.

CORETEX TRIPLE RIPSTOP CANOPY- CORE understand that if you’re flying the IMPACT 2 theres going to be a few crashes so that why the canopy if bomb proof. This material is exclusive to the CORE brand which is super strong, UV protected and tear resistant meaning you can rest assured the IMPACT 2 is built to last.

5 STRUT FRAME- Classic5 strut frame that helps with stability and predictability. 

ACTIVE 5 LINE SAFETY- Classic, simple 5 line safety system that stays perfectly tensioned no matter how much trimming is applied. 

CHOOSE YOUR BAR- The IMPACT 2 is ready to fly on any of the 2017+ CORE bars, just attach the supplied 5th line and go shred.


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