CARBON MAST HM 75 - 105cm

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F-ONE CARBON MAST High Modular  75 - 105cm

A true masterpiece of composite craftmanship and design, the F-ONE Carbon Mast was designed to transform your foiling experience by a significant improvement of the glide and a dramatic weight reduction matched with impressive rigidity. The design target was to enhance the thrills of foiling and we believe foiling is always better when your foil glides better, when your foil is easier to drive and when it reacts better to your demands, even at the highest speeds. This is what you will experience when using the F-ONE carbon mast on your existing F-ONE foil or on a new one.

  • Stiffer feel
  • Direct connection
  • Immediate feedback
  • High performance

Available in 75cm, 85cm, 95cm and 105cm, the F-ONE Carbon Mast is ready for all disciplines: surf, wing, kite, SUP. It features a 4-bolt plate at the top (hole spacing: 160 x 90mm) and an integrated Titan mast foot at the bottom. It can be connected to virtually all boards on the market featuring the twin track system and can receive all the wings and fuselage that feature the TITAN connection slot.

All components are molded together or bonded in factory to ensure the best rigidity throughout. The mast therefore comes as a one-piece object, built in carbon pre-preg with a hollow structure which is molded and cured in one-shot. The numerous layers of carbon are laminated one by one to our exacting demands regarding fiber weight and orientation to achieve the rigidity needed, both in bending and torsion, to keep full control in all situations and at high speeds.

A carbon mast is a superior bit of kit. We think it needs to look great and deliver a superior and flawless behaviour on the water. This is what we’ve achieved with the F-ONE Carbon Mast.

The F-ONE carbon masts are now available with High Modulus Carbon to raise the bar in terms of performances and control. The percentage of high modulus fiber has been carefully adjusted in order to obtain the best stiffness in bending and torsion, while keeping enough comfort for each kind of practice.


Pre-Peg: With pre-peg fabrics, the carbon fibre is directly impregnated with epoxy resin by it's manufacturer; this guarantees a prefect ration between epoxy and carbon and presents the highest quality process. 

Quality control is much better and so is the working environment for the people building our foils. Pre-Preg fabrics offer the lightest weight with the best mechanical properties of carbon fiber.

HM: The High Modulus Carbon fibre used in our mast layup is 1.5x stiffer than the regular carbon fibre used in other constructions.
The percentage of high modulus fiber has been carefully adjusted in order to obtain the best stiffness in both bending and torsion while keeping enough comfort for any kind of practice.

Hollow Technology: Derived from the high tech industry, the HOLLOW TECHNOLOGY offers the perfect balance between stiffness and lightness. This technology enables us to reach of compaction, rigidity and toughness.

TITAN connection: The titan connection enables a very stiff and direct connection between two parts locking efficiently any movement in all directions. It's format is compact which is hydrodynamically efficient and very easy to use, assemble and disassemble.