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The BELT V2 series is for the free ride kiter who also likes to throw down a few rallies or s-bends. In it's second generation the Belt V2 is one of the most popular leashes in the RipRope lineup due to it's robustness and functionality.


The BELT V2 Leash reduces the high loads of the force when unhooked kiting to its special design. In its second generation, the leash is now equipped with an additional interior setup, which is also installed in the Nirwana.

The additional polyamide strap provides an extremely improved cushioning when engaged, which occurs with unhooked crash incidents - this protects you and your material.

The Wichard carabiner is covered by neoprene, so that it is difficult to get the leash tangled.

The spring is set to a hard trigger system. This prevents accidental release while busting handlepasses, but the triggering forces are still low enough to be able to release the kite in an emergency.