The shape of the Shotgun is the result of more than 3 years of testing and improving. Every inch of every board is shaped by the machines we develop ourselves, using the best materials we can get our hands on. This way we are able to produce really specific shapes that take riding to the next level.

Its 3D shape and deeper channels provide for a grippy but playful board. Since the introduction of the WOO our (test) riders have been able to back up their claims of pumping huge jumps, leaving us speechless and proud.

The Shotgun’s fully 3D shape is what really takes your ride to the next level. 3 years of development and innovation has left this board optimized for solid grip, speed and upwind abilities. Perfect for Big Air and playful cruising.


Where the choppy water meets the tips of the board, that’s where the flex magic happens. A balance between flex and stiffness in the tip, combined with a 4 layer glass construction create a smooth and comfortable ride without losing energy in your pop.


We know you enjoy those wake up splashes to the face. But you probably don’t mind we re-shaped the Shotgun tips to avoid the spray.


Concave curves the rail a few degrees deeper into the water, increasing the upwind abilities of the board. The curve is dynamic due to it getting wider towards the tips of the board, where you need it the most.

45mm FINS:

Being a big fan of a playful ride, we don’t really like big fins. The new channels of the Shotgun go perfectly with 45 mm G10 fins giving solid grip to go big and keep on playing.


Who doesn’t prefer a light board? Think of the wings of an airplane and how they are closely inspected to decrease marges. We adjusted the boards to maximize strength and durability, and decrease weight.

Available Sizes: 130*39 | 133*40 | 136*41 | 138*41