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Excellent value for money and ease of use with the F-One Matira. Everything you need is included in the Matira package so you can get on the water immediately.

The MATIRA inflatable Stand Up Paddle range is made of 8 models in order to offer you a product perfectly tailored to your discipline, size, level and needs for maximum enjoyment on the water. Once packed up in their bag, they can be very easily transported and can be stored taking up very little space. 

All shapes have been designed to make the boards perform in their category, be it wave (curved outline, refined rocker line), race (straight rocker line suited to inflatable technology, thickness / width ratio optimized for comfort, speed and stability) or touring and cruising (stability, comfort, accessibility and versatility).

The TAAPUNA range has been introduced to offer a versatile paddle that will fit all types of use, from casual to intense. Available as a 3 part adjustable, the shaft comes with a robust aluminium construction for maximum sturdiness. The hybrid, fiber reinforced blade features an innovative shape and is simply rock solid with a superior durability. Its shape is well balanced and very stable to make your paddling more efficient and easier.

The TAAPUNA paddles are perfect to make your first steps into SUP and paddling.