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The Sensor 3 ushers in a new era with its ergonomic bar ends, one-click width adjustment, hidden winders, and easy-in CIC Quick Release. Sensor 3 – a unique bar system for today's high-performance kites.

Experience high-tech wizardry brought to you by CORE's laser- focus on providing the most direct kite feeling ever. "Our uncommonly clean bar and bar ends further improve the Sensor 3's ergonomics and haptics," adds Rick Jensen, CORE's Sensor 3 product developer.

Stealth Winders – Sensor 3's newfound flight and storage features – are unique in the market. After unwinding the bar, the Stealth Winders fold in and disappear into the bar ends. "Useable, soft grip extends to the bar ends to give you more real estate," explains Rick. The new EVA grip with an optimized profile guarantees non-slip action. And its improved color scheme and red line let riders know when the bar is reversed.

"Our easy-in CIC Quick Release needs extremely low release forces and resets with a click." Philip Schinnagel, CORE's CEO, comments as he demonstrates the innovative design. CORE is united with the Global Kitesports Association (GKA) to make this sport as safe as possible, so "it's logical for us to unify the triggering direction, too." explains Philip. Proven CORE features such as its titanium-reinforced bar, Supported Single Frontline Safety, 4:1 adjuster, and Auto Untwist function are naturally carried over from the fantastic


Key Features of all Sensor 3 Systems:

  • TITANIUM CORE: Extra rigid, titanium trussed, composite


  • NEW! STEALTH WINDERS: Clean bar ends reveal hidden line winders.

  • NEW! GRIPLOC: Optimized bar texture for best grip.

  • NEW! LIVE WIRE: Super direct bar response and EZ bar

  • AUTO UNTWIST: Automatic, below-the-bar front line untwist w/ sand crushing ceramic bearings.

  • 4:1 ADJUSTER: Fast. Precise. And proven trim adjuster.

  • NEW!: CIC RELEASE: Easy-in QR.

  • SUPPORTED SINGLE FRONTLINE SAFETY (SSF): Safe. Proven. And easy to relaunch.

  • SHORT SAFETY LEASH: Extra short and extra safe.

  • LINES MADE IN GERMANY: Durable, pre-stretched lines for

    long life.

  • SPLICED ENDS: Braided and sewn ends for extra strength.

  • REPLACEABLE BAR INSERTS: Self-lubricating, centerline bar inserts are fully replaceable.

  • TECTANIUM POWERLINES: Narrow-width for better between- the-fingers riding.

  • ANTI-SLIP COATING: Water-activated grip.

  • SENSOR 3+ : 24m Vario lines (18+4+2m), standard loop/stick set, 50cm/46.5cm bar, Short Safety Leash, barbag & manual