The Section 2 is designed for all out surf and foil riding. If you shred a surf board or want an LEI kite to foil with, the Section 2 is the kite.



ULTRA LIGHT 3 STRUT FRAME- The lightest kite in the CORE lineup due to its thin airframe design and exact layer of Dacron. Strong, light and stable with amazing drifting ability.

SURF DESIGN- The shallower camber from the leading edge means the canopy is flatter than other kites allowing the Section 2 to drift further back into the wind window. Crank the bar and the kite comes alive due to the air foil around the wingtips.

EXOTEX ULTRA RIGID DACRON- The best kite material on the market due to its extreme strength, air flow and lightness. EXOTEX DACRON is the one of the reasons  the CORE kites are ultra lightweight, stable and fast.

CORETEX TRIPLE RIPSTOP CANOPY- This canopy material is exclusive to the CORE brand in the kite market. The canopy is treated with three emulsion coatings that result in extra strength, tear resistance and helps maintain crisp within the canopy meaning your kite will last longer.

FUTURE C-SHAPE- Derived from it’s freestyle brother the GTS4, the Section 2 has a slightly flatter canopy profile from the leading edge which promotes drift. The FUTURE C-SHAPE design allows the Section 2 to be fast and smooth while still being an all out wave weapon.

RADICAL WINGTIP REACTION- One of two major changes from the previous Section is the change in the wingtips. The shape has been slightly refined which allows for more feel and agility which gives you more confidence to ride harder.

SHORT BRIDLE SYSTEM- The other upgrade from the previous model is the short bridle system which provides more feel and faster turns, more noticeably in the bigger kite sizes. Ultra smooth and predictability is the what the Section 2 is designed to be.

CHOOSE YOUR BAR- The Section 2 is ready to fly on any of the CORE bars so pick whats right for you and go shred.



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