The NEXUS is for the rider who wants to explore every discipline within kiteboarding. The NEXUS is perfect for beginners all the way through to intermediate riders, so if you like to surf, foil, freeride or even bust out the odd unhooked trick the NEXUS is your kite.

EXOTEX ULTRA RIGID DACRON- The best kite material on the market due to its extreme strength, air flow and lightness. EXOTEX DACRON is the one of the reasons  the CORE kites are ultra lightweight, stable and fast.

CORETEX TRIPLE RIPSTOP CANOPY- This canopy material is exclusive to the CORE brand in the kite market. The canopy is treated with three emulsion coatings that result in extra strength, tear resistance and helps maintain crisp within the canopy meaning your kite will last longer.

SHORT BRIDLE SYSTEM- Staying with the design of the current models the short bridle system has been included which helps when the kite has crashed and won't get caught around the wingtips of the kite allowing easy relaunch.

3 STRUT FRAME- The NEXUS 3 strut design is heavily influenced by the SECTION kite. This designed helps the kite weight less, helps it drift better and also makes for powerful kite loops.

SURF DESIGN- The shallower camber from the leading edge means the canopy is flatter than other kites allowing the Section 2 to drift further back into the wind window. Crank the bar and the kite comes alive due to the air foil around the wingtips.

FUTURE C-SHAPE- Derived from it’s freestyle brother the GTS4, the NEXUS has a slightly flatter canopy profile from the leading edge which promotes drift. The FUTURE C-SHAPE design allows the NEXUS to be fast, smooth and powerful that can fit everyone's preferred riding style

RADICAL WINGTIP REACTION- After huge success on the GTS and SECTION models the NEXUS wingtip had to include the radical wingtip design. The shape has been slightly refined to sit directly in the middle of the GTS and SECTION kites which has produced a kite and is very good at being an all round master.

CHOOSE YOUR BAR- The NEXUS is ready to fly on any of the CORE bars so pick whats right for you and go shred.


EXOTEX® ULTRA RIGID DACRON: Zero stretch air frames.


TWO COLOR OPTIONS: "Bright White" and "Tech Black".

3 STRUT FRAME: Lightweight with maximum feedback.

FUTURE C-SHAPE DESIGN: Fast turning with constant pull.

INTELLIGENT ARC: Adjustable wing span on demand.

SHORT BRIDLE SYSTEM: Improved kite feed back.

CORE INTELLIGENT TRIM SYSTEM(CIT): Customizable “powersteering” and turning speed.

INSTANT AUTO RELAUNCH: Effortless water relaunches.

SPEED VALVE2: Fast,reduced effort inflation.

SPEED PUMP SYSTEM: Improved all strut inflation.

SENSOR BAR SYSTEM: For maximum kite feedback and control.



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