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The Brunotti Buster is an all out wakestyle weapon designed for kite and cable. The aggressive rocker line enables you to load up and pop huge giving you time in the air to perform any technical unhooked trick. The Buster also comes with a bombproof base that is designed to go big off any cable obstacle. Even though the Buster is a hardcore piece of kit it's also very comfortable through the water and landings are smooth and solid. Whack your boots on the Buster and go for a shred, you're guaranteed maximum stoke.

Looking for some new territory to conquer? Want to extend your trick list with some new bangers? Take a shot with the Buster. Our wakestyle twintip is rigged up with a slider-base, a fully 3D shaped bottom, and has more rocker for softer landings and effective pop. In addition to this progressive shape, the top has all the benefits of the rest of the twintip range. We’re talking about an “Active Backbone” and  the “Torque Equaliser”, all the ammunition you need to command both kite worlds.


Hyperbolic Chassis

Torque Equaliser

Active Backbone

Triple Channel

Double Concave

CNC Wood Core

Biaxial Carbon Fibre Weave


Splitter Twintip Fins

Screwcap 4pcs

Please note pads are not included

Available sizes: 136-42 | 142-42.5