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The Apoc 3/2 is the perfect suit for spring sessions due to its's extreme warmth and flexibility. This suit has fast entry and exit characteristics swell as warmth due to its unique limestone neoprene construction meaning you get to spend more time on the water. The Ride Engine series of neoprene are serious quality items that not only perform but also look great.


Versatile full suit that provide warmth and protection from the elements and cutting the cold allowing you to stay out when others head in.

The APOC is our premium line of front-zip suits, ranging from chill-cutting spring suits to fleece-lined, foul-weather winter armor. All APOC suits feature a front-zip entry, which helps seal out water and prevents flushing through the neck, shoulders and zipper areas. The APOC line is built out of high-end limestone-based Neospan S-Foam neoprene, which is soft, flexible and more environmentally friendly than its petroleum based counterparts. Smart panel design and power seam stitching keeps ultimate flexibility and range of motion, while eliminating water intrusion along the seams.


Strategic Stitching seam layout reduces fatigue and maximizes mobility where it matters most

Power Seam sealed for watertight durability and flexibility at the seams

Tapered and matrix-dot-grip application in the ankle and wrist cuffs

Thermal Lock fleece lining keeps body heat in and cold water out

Front-zip entry that offers easy entry and flush resistance.

PFC and PTFE-free limestone neoprene—more durable, less environmental impact and no toxic hydrophobic coatings

Abrasion resistant knee panels

Water-based glue, no solvents, safer for people, friendlier to the environment

Interior grip matrix with tapered finish at ankles and wrists

    Product details:

    FLUSH RESISTANT FRONT ZIP: Closes up rather than down so it won’t get unzipped if you take a beating in the surf. Internal neck gasket zips further and prevent flushing.

    BOMBER SEAMS: Stitched, glued, taped and sealed with liquid rubber for seams that are water tight, flexible and durable.

    PFC & PTFC FREE LIMESTONE-BASED NEOPRENE: Neospan S-Foam Neoprene: Industry standard for high-end suits, super soft and stretchy, more durable and less environmental impact than petroleum-based Neoprene and no toxic hydrophobic chemicals.

    STRATEGIC STITCHING: Stitch pattern designed to allow for maximum range of motion while avoiding stretch points and minimising chafing.

    HOLY KNEES: Rugged, abrasion resistant BAX material covers knees of all long suits for added protection and durability where it’s needed most.

    BLOAT FREE DRAIN-HOLESStrategically located to drain water and prevent “elephant leg syndrome.”

    HEART WARMER: Thermal Lock Fleece lining (on cold-water models) minimises water absorption and retains heat to keep you warm, dry and comfortable in all conditions. Layer tapers from thickest at the core to thinner at extremities to maximise warmth and mobility where they’re needed most.