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The Slingshot Crisis is the perfect board if you’re new to the sport or for the seasoned rider who’s happy to cruise along in comfort. The Crisis has enough snap in it’s construction to keep things interesting once you’re up and riding so don’t worry the Crisis has enough in it to keep things interesting.

The Crisis is an excellent choice for beginners, kite schools and mellow riders who don’t need the high-performance technical features of a more advanced board. While not a “beginner-specific” board, the soft, forgiving feel is of most benefit to a more mellow level of riding. With a lighter, more flexible layup and a mild rocker profile, the Crisis is a predictable and approachable board that inspires confidence for riders who need it most. As you progress, a vertically laminated wood core gives the board a lively, springy feel that makes it fun for riders of all abilities. When you don’t need the technical features of our more advanced boards, the Crisis will keep you satisfied for seasons to come.


Crisis deck 

(4) 2" kite fins 

Grab handle 


Dependable, user-friendly performance 

Light weight, soft flex 

Mild rocker great for cruising and entry-level riding 

A sure bet for beginners 

Wood core provides lively feel and durability