Your session stoke factor relies heavily on your gear. Your harness, kite, bar and board all play a role. But some play a bigger role in how your day turns out. A great kite, for example, may disappoint when paired with a “cheap” bar.

Sensor 2 has everything to make a perfect connection between you and your kite. The super clean design has no bobbles to interfere with your style. The ingenious no sag flag/safety line is more aerodynamic (and looks better!). Its SSF safety system, titanium core, auto untwist and Rotor quick release are just some of the innovations we stuffed into the bar to make your connection clean, direct, and safe.
The Sensor 2’s magic happens when the bar’s functional simplicity meets its featherweight 230g unibody bar. With virtually no inertia, it has the uncanny ability to transfer your thoughts into action in mere picoseconds.