CORE and Lieuwe Demo Day at Hythe Beach - July 18

When we saw the forecast for the weekend just passed, we made a quick fire decision to get a Demo Day arranged for CORE Kites and Lieuwe Kiteboards.. and we're so glad we did!

With only 2 days notice and a few social media posts, we had a Demo day arranged at Hythe Beach in Kent, one of GenXsports most frequented spots. The sun shone all day and the forecast came through as promised, with 7, 8 and 9 meter kites being the optimum choice for the conditions. We couldn't believe our luck!

It was great to see the beach busy with locals who were in the depths of Kiting withdrawal symptoms due to the recent lack of wind, and with visitors to the area who had made the trip to this beautiful stretch of coastline for the GenXsports Demo exclusively. 

As promised we had the entire range of Core Kites available to play with. The newest additions to the CORE family, the GTS5 and the Nexus seemed to be top for the pile in terms of popularity as they were hardly off the water. The XR5, and Impact 2 all got good use too and a combination of Sensor 2s, 2s Pro and Wake Style bars were thrown into the mix.

We also had the Lieuwe Kiteboards' Awesome and Shotgun set up with Lieuwe's pads and straps and the Say No More was available to use with a set of Slingshot KTV's. The Lieuwe boards went down a storm, as expected. By looks alone they  stand out from any other board brand, with the individuality of each board being set by the grain of the Paulownia wood core exposed through perfectly clear resin. Once on the water, users loved the performance as much as the aesthetics.

Overall, we had a brilliant day and we think those who joined us and used the kit available did too. We intend to get another Demo set up soon. If you'd like to keep up to speed with any Demo Day arrangements, the best thing to do is like and follow our GenXsports Facebook and Instagram pages as we'll always get the details loaded up there.

Thanks to everyone who joined us on the day - we hope you enjoyed the opportunity to get on the water with these fantastic brands. Until next time - we hope the forecast improves and you all get some great session in on the water.

Tony and Erin,




August 01, 2018 by Tony Pluckrose
Tags: Demo Days